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Monday 12 January 2015

Review: God's War 2014 back log

Publisher: Del Rey

I'm not sure how I managed it but this is the first Nyx/bel dame book I should have read, not Infidel! But never mind, I will live and in a way I did indeed enjoy reading this book as a kind of prequel. It answered many many questions that were bobbing around my head when I read Infidel and I was not aware of God's War then.....I am an idiot.


Yep, it's just as kick ass as you would expect a book with Nyx to be in and her motley crew. I had my continuous wonderings about what time we are in and where as the tech is pretty good but lives and warring and politics is so primitive. I don't know if we are in an imagined place altogether or some horrible dystopia! 

It was great to find out more about Rhys as he was a bit of an enigma before, but I did not enjoy finding out how wet the bloody man is! BOOOOOO!!! He is still rather nice to look at in my mind though!

Nyx's feelings were made more in of this book which I liked and I feel like I got to know here and see that she has real depth and is really rather sweet despite the hard exterior. She also doesn't look anything like the woman on the front of the book (in my head any way).

Well, another action packed and enjoyable read in a crazy fantasy world. While lots of questions were answered I still have more and I still want to be a bel dame!

Happy Reading


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