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Wednesday 7 January 2015

Review: The Amber Fury - 2014 Backlog

Publisher: Corvus

Sorry I'm still on my backlog from last year! I'm rubbs I know, but I must go on, particularly as this book entered into my top 10 of 2014!

At the point I read this it had been a while since I had delved outside the world of fantasy of thriller and it felt really good! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE fantasy and thriller novels, but I hadn't realised until I picked this up that I needed a change. It was so gripping and I was entranced by the whole thing after just 50 pages.

Basically, Alex has moved up to Edinburgh after horrible times in London, she is teaching in a unit for kids with issues, and well...we follow how it all unfolds.

I loved the style of writing and I loved how the student diary inter spliced the general narrative of the whole thing. The portions written in retrospect of Alex's time in Scotland were so so so so leading and that was incredible! Wahhh I just couldn't get over it and I just couldn't see what was coming. It was spectacularly constructed!

The characters were brilliant. I loved Richard, what a Babe and when it came to the crunch I felt so much pity and sadness for Mel. The links to the Greek tragedies were really enjoyable and it's really clear that NH knows her stuff when it comes to this realm. Part of me does indeed wonder if the drama side of Alex is actually part of NH too! (I know I really should learn more about authors..I know, I know).

A really really good book with a great writing style and fabulous characters. I think this book will appeal to most people and I urge you all to read it!

Happy Reading


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