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Friday 9 January 2015

Review: Crossing the Line - 2014 Backlog

I'm going to be brutally honest, I can't really remember much about the plot of this book as I was pretty doped up on pain killers as I was ill with sinus pain when I read it! So, all you are getting is the bullet point notes I made!

I'm really sorry!

- A man does well with a woman's POV.

- Exciting that for once a thriller/crime novel is not based on a murder.

- Jess is so real and normal and down to earth. In fact, all the characters and interactions are.

- I know I haven't read the past books, but I don't feel lacking.

- The end too k a turn that was too twisty for the it to be as convincing as the rest of the book, it seemed out of sync.

- Liked the fact that it was almost three plots in one.

I am shite, I am sorry...but I seem to have enjoyed it!


OOOO! I've just read the blurb again and now I remember! YES!!! It was good! It was indeed real and different! GO ME!

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