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Tuesday 27 January 2015

Review: The Death House: 2014 Backlog

Publisher: Gollancz

The Death House is where defectives go and lives don't really matter.

I was pretty excited to get this book as I've read a fair bit of SP's stuff and thoroughly enjoyed it. This book however, I'm a bit on the fence about. Let me explain...

The novel feels a bit YA and that is totally fine by me as I do get on well with a good YA novel. Also, it has a very big lord of the flies feel and the references to it are pretty self conscious, I didn't mind that either.

I totally loved the Will portion of the book and it was beautifully done. I also loved the idea and concept of this book. It was really rather good.

What is holding me back from completely loving this book is that I couldn't get over the feeling that there was more to be said, more that could have been included that would have enhanced enjoyment. Also, I felt a bit let down by the ending I'm sad to say. If the book had had more context I think it would have been amazing all round! 

I know that some people have loved this book and I'm sure that more people will, I'm just sad that for me, it missed a certain something.

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