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Monday 11 June 2012

My Mum's Review: The Millennium Series

Hello all!

I read this set of books long before I started my blog so there is no comparison review in this case! Sorry people!!!!

Due to popular demand however, I persuaded my Mum to give her opinions on the Millennium Series which she has been reading over the last few weeks. She's said the following about the series as a whole:

- Simple child like language appears in the books on occasion. Mummy Geek thinks that there could be something in the whole debate over if the Mrs wrote it...
- Mum found the first book pretty difficult to get in to.
- However, this didn't last long! When reading the third book she was up till 2 am reading it one night AND up until 5 am reading it another night! Gripped I say, gripped! If she wasn't still off work she'd NEVER get it read that quickly and stay up that late. (The day she stayed up till 5 am she didn't get up till 2pm that day.)
- My Mum can't cope with sub titles so does not want to see the Swedish film adaptations even though I've told her how good they are.
- Direct quote from Mum via text 'The heroine appears even less than most minor characters, either hiding, hospital etc.'
- Direct quote via text again 'Always an extra bit when you think the book has ended.'
- Mum has said she'd like to see the english version of the film as it'll help her differentiate between people. Mum struggled with character names which all sounded the same...apparently they all began with either s, b or e. Also, Mum said that names also help convey character, this was a bit difficult to grasp due to different Swedish Culture.
- Mummy Geek wasn't expecting so much Swedish politics.
- However, I think we have a winner as Mum said that in the end she enjoyed the whole series!

Now here comes the info:

Each book is about £ 7.99 and can be bought in a set, obviously for more money!

Happy Reading!

Book Geek

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