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Friday 15 June 2012

Weird Reading!

From the ever lovely @LottieChase

Courtesy of a local gal @scoutharris75

@J9London introduces the first baby to my merry clan

OOO Quentin Blake!! @dedbutdrmng

The Ms @geologyjones collection

Another treat from @J9London: FUCKING CREEPY

AHHH!!! @J9London is my best one so far AND I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!

I have to include my lovely young CATSBY

The first BOY!!! The @mtcrowe collection
A book READING a book! It's blown my mind! Thanks @J9London

'OMG, I'm *so* Bridget Jones' - from fellow blogger @bookcunt

AND here is the pic that started off my #WeirdReading fetish!!!

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