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Thursday 7 June 2012

Robin Hobb: Love that gal

I actually love this woman! The glorious ROBIN HOBB!

I was first introduced to the world of Robin Hobb when I was about 16. I was in college and a guy I knew called Tank struck up a conversation about high fantasy books with me. He showed me the way and brought this AMAZING author in to my life! 

The first book I read by the lovely lady was:

I fell in love with her, her world, her characters and her writing instantly! Hobb's narrative style is glorious. I will wholly admit that she won't be for everyone, epic high fantasy novels never are universally loved. But, if you want to have a go, I would suggest you start with Robin Hobb. 

Sadly I've only completely read 3 of her trilogies and the last book of hers I read was: 

However, I am determined to read all her books! She has 16 novels in total, so far, so I think 10 isn't pretty bad going. Yet, there is more! Ms Hobb also has short stories and a pseudonym!!! Yep, she writes under Megan Lindholm. These books fall in to the genre of Young Adult fantasy type books. I've only ever read:

I will probs get round to reading more of the Lindholm books at some point however, I'd like to finish the grown up Hobb ones first!

The lovely Robin is only 60 so I have everything crossed that there is more yet to come from her! Also, I like to think she's a lesbian, I don't know why, I just do. I've never heard or read about her having kids or a bloke, or for that matter a lady. She could well be a sexual or just an amazing book writing robot created in a lab! 

Her website is: http://robinhobb.com/
Her twitter is: @robinhobb 
Miss Lindholm's website is: http://www.meganlindholm.com/

Anyway, just thought I'd share my love of Robin Hobb with you. I will continue to share my love of authors are we go on...hope that is ok with you!

Happy Discovering

Book Geek 

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