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Sunday 24 June 2012

Review: Girl 4

Paperback: £ 6.99
Publisher: Arrow Books

Again, as I read this last week when away and knew I wouldn't be able to do an immediate review, I made notes. My notes are of course hugely comprehensive so I will be doing the review in point form. Please forgive me once again. Here we go:

1. I decided to read this book as Mr Will Carver is a lovely twitter man! Find him at @will_carver.
2. The continually twisting and intertwining narratives were not what I expected at all but they were great. Made it really interesting.
3. The different tones for all the perspectives were great. I enjoyed the totally different narrative styles.
4. The murders are NOT for the squeamish or those of a faint heart. The grimness was totally enjoyable.
5. The narrating of the events in the past tense made the book very interesting. I particularly liked the twisty beyond the grave narratives.
6. The creepy psychology of Eames was great. Making the girls famous, making them something as they become part of his 'art'.
7. The quaint and old school character names were very endearing to me.
8. The fact that the events were described by Eames, the victim and the detective made them particularly fascinating. And I didn't get bored at all with reading about the one event 3 times.
9. On occasion I did think that maybe Eames was a tad too twiddly mustache.
10. The fact that the events occurred in areas such as Shepherd's Bush where my boy lives made the story even more creepy!!! Really spooked me! Also I have mates who work in White City and that was really creepy.
11. Two words: CHICKEN COTTAGE
12. Every time The Smiling Man appeared, I felt totally unsettled, nervous and uncomfortable. Almost felt on edge. H was so so creepy. 
14. There were great twists. The twists shocked me on some occasions to my very core, my core I say!
15. Crazy similarities between Eames and January. For a while that got my cogs turning.
16. There were some really confusing parts that totally confused me beyond belief. However, I did manage to understand most of them as it went along. I do hope that the next book answers a few questions...if it is linked at all.

Another positive review of this read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a real page turner. Not totally what I expected but in a good way! Not a book for those who can't handle gore so take that in to account when you read it...or don't. I'm defo going to read The 2!!!

Happy Reading

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