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Sunday 24 June 2012

Review: Pack Men

Paperback: £ 7.99
Publisher: Hachette Scotland

Hello all!!! I am back from German lands!
It was a very hard core event but I managed to read two books, that's right, two!!
I made continuous notes in point form whilst reading the books as I knew it would be a while till I could blog. Soooooooooo, these blogs will be slightly different as they are from notes from last week! Hope that is ok, here we go:

1. I agreed/decided to read this book as Mr Bissett has been compared to Irvine Welsh and I am a big fan of that man.
2. I enjoyed the use of dialects being expressed with spellings. I am a big fan of that in every context!
3. It took me a while to get used to the interjecting of flashbacks but in the end I really enjoyed them and they brought a lot of explanation to the story.
4. Bloody loved Jack from the start, he is very very cute.
5. I liked how Alvin's language/dialect changed when he got a few drinks in him and spent more time with his home boys. I also liked the way that other characters in the novel noticed his accent changes.
6. Loved the retro references to things that are totally of my generation. Goosebumps, Pacmen etc etc. LOVE IT!
7. Liked the interesting links with religion and racism between the two football teams and Rangers' biggest rivals.
8. I think I'm going to have to read Three Men In A Boat now. It has inspired me. No idea what it is about however.
9. Liked Chrissie a lot as everyone has a mate like her.
10. The novel lacked the grotesque edge that Welsh has. But I didn't think it needed the grotesque-ness. The sex ruled though.
11. The bonding and brotherhood was so endearing and sweet even though there was the elements of bigotry. Mates are mates forever, regardless.
12. Enjoyed a hell of a lot more of it than I thought I would. It wasn't totally about footy, it was about the bonding and the characters and mainly Alvin.
13. Made me laugh that there was of course the typical domestic between a couple. A night out/day out is not a full event if there isn't a domestic at some point.
14. I don't anything about football but I would like to know if the book is based on real Rangers events.

Well, just to let you all know, in case you don't get it from the above, I really enjoyed the book. It was really funny and enjoyable. I really loved the characters, all of them and all of their different aspects. I think that this book would be enjoyed by boys for defo and I think that girls would enjoy it too, probably to their great surprise.

Happy Reading!

Book Geek!

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