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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Holmes Challenge: The Valley of Fear

So my lovely people, this is the last novel in my Holmes Challenge, the adventures/short stories are to follow! YAY!

Anyway, this is another story that is split between the Sherlock action and what happened once upon a time in America. I do wonder if ACD spent time in the US and that's why he is so fond of writing about it....maybe I should look this up?? The move from Watson's narration to Douglas' written account changes as per the first US jump and I thoroughly enjoy that as it is so distinctly clear. I even prefer different voices to Watson's. I must admit that Watson is starting to grate on me. He is rather sycophantic to Holmes and his derogatory comments are driving me loopy! I worry that ACD is coming through here and it's not just character! BOOO!

I did enjoy the story as a whole! I think it's the one I've enjoyed the most so far. I've got to know the characters and the formula so I know what to expect, but this seemed to take a slightly different edge and format as Holmes revealed his conclusion before the US portion and we didn't have to go back to Holmes to reveal all in the end.

I did notice that a new way of addressing people as 'Friend so and so' has cropped up which appears to have arrived out of the blue. I wonder why??

Also, this is the first mention of Moriarty! I wondered when he would show up and I look forward to encountering him more frequently as time goes on!

Happy Reading

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