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Thursday 10 April 2014

Review: Dead Stars part 2

Price: £ 2.50
Publisher: Self

So, part 1 was EPIC. Part 2 is EVEN MORE EPIC and totally DEVASTATING as it's now the end of following Farden around on his awesome journey. We've come to the end people, the climax is here and it's in no way anti.

This is going to be another shorty as I really, REALLY don't want to spoil these books for anyone, accidentally or not!

Ben Galley has triumphed once again. I was panicking that the end of this wonderful series would bomb, as so many often do, but BG stayed the course and provided a satisfying, ball breaking, action filled and in some places sad conclusion to what has been a roller coaster set of reads!

If you love fantasy then you will not be disappointed with this book (or the rest of the series) and if you're yet to read Part 2 for fear of it all ending, then I urge you to open the cover and plough straight in.

I'm going to miss Farden, I'm going to miss his world, his moods and all those around him. I got really immersed and dragged in to this story and felt one of the crew. I'm delighted that I didn't have to wait in real time to read the series and caught on to it after all were published.

I now wait with baited breath for BG's next novels. I will be forced to read these in real time as I need more of his cracking tales in my life.

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