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Tuesday 22 April 2014

Review: Libromancer

Publisher: Del Ray
Price: £ 7.99

Isaac is a Libromancer. The Libromancers/porters/magic people are all in a spot of shit and it appears that Isaac, with a little help, is going to sort it all out.

This book has officially made me want to be a Libromancer. There are some VERY big flaws in the system and the rules, but I'm sure I could iron them out once I was on the team! I wish this was all real! The idea for this is totally awesome and I can't understand how someone hasn't written about such things before, it's so bloody obvious now!!!

The characters are cracking. Lena is a babe, Isaac is pretty cool. He's such a geek, it's awesome as everyone loves a book geek. The vampires were scary enough and the other porters and Gutenberg did the job indeed.

As far as the story went, up until the very last few pages I was totally enamoured. The final conclusion did piss me off a tad as I don't really think it was necessary and it is all a bit stupid and gratuitous. But, that hasn't ruined the rest of the book for me as it was that good!

I was also very appreciative of all the research and reading of other books and the history of printing that JCH must have done in order to create this book. Oh oh, and the made up books that are referenced sound pretty cool in some instances, so why doesn't JCH write them too??

If you are a book geek and love magic and vampires and other worldly things then read this, it's a treat!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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