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Tuesday 15 April 2014

Review: Midnight Crossroad

Price: £ 18.99 Hardback
Publisher: Gollancz

Sookie's story may be over but CH isn't done with you all yet. Welcome to Midnight, Texas, where an unusual bunch of people live. They have a bit of a situation going on, but they sure do have a sense of community and they fight for their own.

I wasn't 100% sure what to expect from this book as I am so used to Sookie's world. I have been a devout follower and reader of the Southern Vampire Mysteries so was overjoyed that CH hadn't chucked in the quill/typewriter/biro for life.

The characters created in this novel are all very intriguing in their own way. In the novel you find out the back story of some of the residents of Midnight but not all and I'm most intrigued to find out more about many of them. Especially Olivia and Lemuel. Fiji and Manfred and Bobo are total stars. I think the Rev is pretty darn cool in his own way too and I have conjured up a complete image of him in my head...a scary as arse image but pretty cool too. 

The story was alright. I wasn't as gripped from the start as I usually was with the Sookie novels, but maybe that's because it took me a while to accept that she was gone and this is CH's new adventure. However, as the book went on and I got to know the characters, the town and the set up I was merrily on my way and did indeed enjoy the book, muchly.

CH fans should defo pick this up when it comes out in May. And if you didn't think that Sookie was for you, give this a try as it's pretty darn different indeed!

Oh, and how can I forget Mr Snuggly! All I shall say of him is sodding awesome!

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  1. .....I never read any of her books nor did I watch the show, I didn't like twilight, but love Anne Rice's first three books a lot, do you think I will like this?.....