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Monday 28 July 2014

Review: The Book Of Life

Price: £ 16.00 hardback
Publisher: Headline

Those who have read my blog for a long long while will know that I loved A Discovery of Witches but was rather non-plussed about Shadow of Night. Also, you will possibly notice that, unlike usual, I have written these reviews in clear bullet points. To keep with the All Souls Trilogy tradition, I'm going to do it here too.
What I did like...

  • There is some recap which I was pleased with seeing as I read the last book around 2 years ago. 
  • I think Chris is a totally amazing character and I love the nick names he develops for people, hours of joy. Also, even though he isn't a very major character, he lights up the book.
  • The unexpected appearance of a character from book two was amazing. It was a rather cracking twist and totally unexpected all round.
  • Yasbeau is still a babe and is even more in control, terrifying and awesome than she was in the first two books...and I didn't think that possible. 
  • The flicking of points of view between and even within chapters was a great relief!!

What I didn't like...
  • Diana is even more bloody wet and doormatish than she was before!! I struggle to accept how much her personality and independence has chanced so quickly.
  • There recaps that were offered were not quite enough seeing as the last book was out two years ago.
  • Some of the narrative and conversations were so patronising.
  • The plot seemed to drag and drag and drag and the concept of time was completely bemusing.
  • The end, when it did come, was rushed and it could have been brilliant as it was the part that I had been waiting for. Instead it was insipid due to the speed of execution. 

Overall I feel that this trilogy has been a let down. The first book entered in a blaze of glory with strong and interesting characters and fantastically different ideas on what it meant to be witch, human or vampire. However, as the books went on I can't help but feel that focus was lost and the books were just written for the sake of ending the story. I had high, high hopes and they have been dashed. 

I'm sure there are people who will no doubt love all three, but I'm not one of them. 

Happy Reading


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