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Monday 21 July 2014

Review: The Sons of Macha, Shadowmagic book 3

Price: £ 3.99 ebook
Publisher: The Friday Project

The final instalment of Shadowmagic. I'm distraught that it is now allllll over, but I am delighted to have read it! YAY!

We are back in The Land and shit is about to get real as there is so much to do and so many people who have missions to complete.

Ruby is the best character in the world, I actually love her. If you want a bad ass kid who is funny and intelligent then she is your girl. Also, sticking with characters, we have seen Connor grow up and change throughout these three books and that's been rather nice. It's like you get to know him and he becomes one of your bezzies. It's really rather lovely. 

As for the plot, it's jam packed and has a purpose from the offing and it is also a wholly spiffing, acceptable and top notch end to a trilogy I have enjoyed in so many ways. You will find satisfactory conclusions as well as yet more tragedy and woe....but don't worry the fun is still in there too.

Delighted to have read this series and I hope that these guys and The Land comes back again some day to bring more joy to us all here in the Real World.

Happy Reading


P.S. what the hell is it with the constant Nike references? Is JL sponsored by them or summit????

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