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Wednesday 2 July 2014

Review: Precious Metals

Price: £ 1.71 ebook
Publisher: Salt

My review, I warn you now is going to be a bit short. Mainly because this is a rather short book in itself...more of a novella maybe? Anyway, N and Z love each other but they come from incredibly different worlds. 

Z is Muslim, N is Romanian. Their cultures, education, language, lifestyle and acceptance in the area is all very different and that is clear from the offing and constructed very well seeing as you have such a short length of time to get to know them. The spoken word portions are spot on, it is clear that MF has spent time with and looking into the way people who have english as a second language form sentences, especially with reference to the country they are originally from. It's rather impressive indeed. Oh, and, with all the cultural references and comments, it is also clear that MF has seriously done her homework. We can't forget that a book about the mingling and meeting of two very diverse cultures is being written and commented on by a white English women. It is most convincing.

This is defo a modern day, and rather dark, Romeo and Juliet with some excellent sub plots and twists. It's quick to read and a great insight. The only down side I would say is that it is too short for what it is looking at. I would have loved to see it as a full length novel with more complex discussions of politics, racism etc, and not just the surface scraping that happens.

Happy Reading, none the less

Book Geek

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