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Friday 18 July 2014

Review: Infidel

Price: £ 8.99
Publisher: Del Ray

I'm back in the world of scifi....scifi and fantasy seem to be calling me ATM!!

Anyway, everyone is basically a badass, there are bel dames (assassin army type women), ex bel dames, ex crooks, fugitives, ex fugitives, spies, ex spies...I could go on...and it's alllllllll about to kick off big style.

The characters in this book are excellent. They have perfectly formed pasts, they have layers and are constructed with finesse. Rarely do you get thrown in to a book such as this and feel like you know characters intimately within the first 100 pages. Nyx is terrifying but awesome and I have completely fallen in love with Rhys. 

The world that these guys all live in is great also. It let my imagination run wild and I thoroughly enjoy that about books. The descriptions of the world and the people in it were brilliant and I thought that was great. I think it's because the places were so normal...the people in them and the bugs and the magic etc weren't so normal, but that is what gave this book it's edge. So normal it's weird!

The only thing I have to criticise is the plot. For a while, the actual plot wasn't that discernible and I thought that that was either because this was more a set of character studies, in depth looks at people type book, or there were going to be more than one and this was setting the scene. I was disappointed when the plot appeared in the last 70(ish) pages and was very rushed through. Also, the background to why there was the war and why boys were bread for the front and never returned really wasn't explained and that annoyed me. I would have loved it to have everything to have been extrapolated slowly from the start as, if taken more slowly, it could have been rather good. Also, I don't think that woman on the front of the book looks anything like Nyx and what she would wear.

Overall, this book had so much potential! The world and characters that have been created are brilliant! The plot just lacked at the start and was rushed when it turned up. I'd be interested to find out what others think.

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