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Wednesday 4 February 2015

A book a friend recommended: A Bright Moon for Fools

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

This book falls under the 'book a friend recommended' category, I feel, as @bookcunt gave it to me for my birthday and she loves it!

Harry has gone to Venezuela to, well, to escape and it's mental, and endearing and horrible and funny and heartbreaking!

This book was very, very, very funny in places. It really was in many instances Funny with a capital FUN! However, there were portions of it that made me feel desperately sad. Obviously there was Slade with his very prominent psychological issues and then there was Harry who really didn't have a person! :-(

I adored JG's writing style. It was so absorbing and the dialogue between Harry and others and his thoughts in general were just gorgeous. You really could get under his skin and imagine him in the flesh...not very pleasant flesh, but flesh nonetheless.

I will give this book one other thing, it has made me rather terrified to go to Venezuela. People there seem absolutely bat shit and not in a 100% good way!

In all, a stunning read that I may not have even looked at twice if BC hadn't given it to me for my birthday! I want you all to read it as it is wonderful!

Happy Reading


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