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Friday 13 February 2015

A book published this year: Death In The Rainy Season

Publisher: Panmacmillan

So then, I read this book when on holidays in January. There is a dead chap in Cambodia and Morel is there on his hols, so is of course asked to help solve it.

I didn't feel like I was lacking not having read the first book that Morel had stared in so that was a bonus indeed! It was cool that it was set in Cambodia. The horrible wall which was used to kill children is the only thing I really know about the country but this book has indeed inspired me to learn more as it has such an incredible history! Well done, book!

I really liked Morel and Sarit. They made an awesome pair and were good characters. Pran was a total dude however and kind of stole the show for me!!! YAY! The fact that the author is female and the characters predominantly male worked. I always wonder if an author with lead characters of the opposite sex is going to cock it up, but AJ certainly didn't! Also, the sex scenes were not over bearing and gratuitous like many a sex scene I read. Sometimes they are just not necessary, but this one worked and fit nicely.

Finally, the ending...it was ok. It worked, however, I think I would have preferred more politics and less scandal. Hmmmmm!

So, for crime and mystery lovers, give this a go! Also, you may learn things about Cambodia!

Happy Reading

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