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Wednesday 18 February 2015

A book I own but have never read: Odds On

Publisher: Hard Case Crime

Right then, as I have had this on my bookshelf for a while but hadn't read it, then it qualifies for a book I own but have never read for my 2015 challenge! I've read a couple of these which have been republished by Hard Case Crime and they never really fail to do the job of easy and fun reading!

This is about three men who are on one mission but have three very big distractions! 

I'm going to start with my one quibble...the sex scenes in this book were a bit gratuitous. I know I comment on sex scenes a lot...and it's not because I am a pervy pervert or because I am a prude...I'm just normal...well I think I am...I just find that sometimes sex isn't needed to 'enhance' a book!

Moving on...

This book seemed more like a farcical heist than a con job, and that was great as most of these books do seem rather tongue in cheek which is awesome! I'm sure you are familiar with this comment from me if you've read a review from me of these books before. However, it just seemed even more tongue in cheek than usual, but that was fine by me!!!!

Miss S is the absolute best thing about this book and I loved her dearly! She was bloody, bloody awesome!

Oh and some more things to point out! The book had more than one hero/anti hero which was a bit different from the others and it wasn't as cheesy or James Bond feeling than the others but it was far more silly.

Overall, another cracking little quirky read. You can easily polish this book off in a sitting or two and it's fun to boot!

Happy reading


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