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Friday 6 February 2015

A graphic novel: Storm

Publisher: Orion

Now then, this graphic novel is based on one of Tim Minchin's glorious works that was originally immortalised on YouTube with cartoons and everything. This is it's book version!

I love Tim Minchin so I was ready to start crying if this was shit. Thankfully it was awesome! I could imagine Tim reading it out loud to me whilst I got stuck in and that was darn awesome!

The artwork was amazing. I loved the fact that it was all slightly dark, all slightly shadowy, and looked somewhat like a dream kinda thing. Here is some for example:

In this GN, TM does what we all want to do when that one knobber comes along and decides to ruin everything for everyone. So, I say, read this book and if you know that knobber, then bloody well give it to them and hope they take the hint!

I know this was short but the whole thing is short. But get a copy and enjoy!

Happy Reading


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