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Monday 9 February 2015

Book by an author I've never read before: Wild Ink

Publisher: Dead Ink

We are living AC's memories and his slow decline in to oblivion. Sad times!

This book felt a bit like a life flashing before the eyes of AC. We go though his memories, his acceptance of his situation and his amends making (to an extent) with friends and colleagues. It's really rather tragic and for a book that is touted as a dark comedy, I really found it hard to laugh (often I laugh at dark comedies in parts I'm not even sure it's OK to laugh at).

The characters were varied and a bit cool and you could see them being a group you see down the pub or in your local 'specialist' book shop. That was pretty funny. The nurse was rather awesome too and I fell in love with her a bit due to her overwhelming care!

I'm not 100% sure I was old enough or intelligent enough to get this book to its fullest, and for that I am very disappointed. I wish I could have grasped it more. Or maybe, I am just looking in to it more than one should.

Overall, I liked it though. The ending was very final in many ways and that really suited this book. I've not read a book like this in a while and I think people should give it a go. It kinda makes you feel...I don't know how else to explain I'm afraid!

Anyway, happy reading


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