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Wednesday 11 February 2015

Book over 100 years old: 3 Men in a Boat

Publisher: Pulp! The Classics

So then, I chose this as my book over 100 years old, firstly because one of my mates (too cool for school mate) keeps constantly telling me I have to read it, and secondly because the kind publishers sent it to me. I have one main point to say...THIS COVER IS BLOODY AWESOME!

Now...this is a book about three chaps who are going on holiday down the Thames on a boat, with a dog...we can't forget the dog!

There were some VERY, VERY funny passages, lines and conversations in this book. I know some of them are very traditional and, of course there is that one hugely iconic passage about work, but it was all rather amusing and made me chuckle! Also, there was some fantastic sarcasm, and I'm a huge fan of sarcasm, and not just that, there is farce and I love farce also on occasion!

I haven't read such an old book for years. I've mainly been on the newbies, however, I have to say that I enjoyed every bloody second of reading this and it really did make a lovely change. I'm also hoping that it will encourage me to read more old books. I have been avoiding them like the plague (except Holmes) since I finished my degree nearly 8 years ago.

So, pick it up and have a gander! A classic indeed!

Happy Reading

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