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Thursday 28 March 2013

Review: Death of a Citizen: A Matt Helm Novel

Publisher: Titan Books
Price: £ 7.99

Well that was a cheeky quick little read of a book and what a spiffingly enjoyable one it was too! At the beginning of the book, part of me wished I had read it before The Wrecking Crew as it is the first book in the Matt Helm series. It does set up his world and him as a person, however, apparently after this one they can be read in any order as they are all stand alone. Anyway, I said I wished I had read this one first when I started the book...however, as I got into it, it didn't seem to matter so much. I got in to the action and the story and the whole rush of the book. I also think that as I have read another Matt Helm book, I read this one with a different perspective. 

Once again, despite the age of the book, the action, the story and everything else feels timeless. But once again the attitude towards women feels a little old school..but you can once again forgive that, especially because of Tina (apparently I really like saying Once Again). SHE IS A FAB CHARACTER. I know you are probably not meant to like her one bit but I thought she was amazing. She's a real match for Helm and is a worthy opponent. She also has some serious balls.

I actually started to like Helm in this novel. You could see where he came from, see more of who he is and was. You could see that he does have a heart somewhere and does actually care about people and things. I was glad that I realised these as really disliking the main character of a series does end up sucking! Once again, as the books are written in the first person, they feel like a diary to an extent, however, as Helm is an author, it partly feels like he is writing down his experiences for the commercial market...good shizz.

Oh oh, and I know some of Texas really well (including San Antonio) so it was GREAT to have a book set in places I know! BOOM!

Another cracking action read that will no doubt be enjoyed by many! Great decision to relaunch these books Titan!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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