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Wednesday 6 March 2013

Review: The Lost Soul

Publisher: Canvas Books
Price: £ 6.99

Seriously, tell anyone about this review and I will kill you....this could totally ruin my rep....

I usually really don't get on with books that look and sound like this. Usually I despise them...on this occasion I have been led in a totally different direction.

This is obviously part of a series, but the fill ins/recaps meant I didn't feel at all like I had missed a thing. This book can be easily read as a stand along and enjoyed to the max. 

I love supernatural shizz, I want to be supernatural in somewhat so the witches ruled. I bloody love witches and magic and all that. The plot had death and murder and grit, so for me, it meant I could deal very easily with the girly aspects, which were very contained and very few. HUZZAH! Girly aspects in novels usually totally piss me off.

I don't think I can choose one character as my fave. They were all cracking in their own right, some were funny, some were evil, some were plot constructs, some were full of depth and integral to the whole thing. The only character I didn't get on with was Malcolm, he annoyed me intensely! Oh, oh, the abundance of red headed characters is spiffing by the way! YAY for red heads!!!!

This may not be your usual read (defo isn't mine) but it's so worth a shot! I am so glad I have read it. I really enjoyed the whole thing, and I think I'll give more books that I think are 'too girly' a chance in the future because of it. Pick this book up and kick back, it's a quick and easy read without half as much mush as you would expect.

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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