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Tuesday 26 March 2013

Review: Splinters

Publisher: Timeline Books
Price: £ 8.99

A bloody cracking collection of short stories from the wonderful JD'L. I'm going to do my usual and just say a few words on each story in turn.

Creeped me out so much there are no words. How such a short story could make me so bloody on edge is incredible! Impressive and skillful writing there indeed!

Lights Out
I ended up being thankful that the hotel bed was solid and had no underneath! HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO WRITE IN SUCH A WAY THAT REALLY DOES GET IN TO YOUR BRAIN AND CREEP YOU OUT TOTALLY?? HOW>??

Altar Girl
Never, ever hope you get what you wish for, just never, ever. Great observations on life but with such dark undertones! AMAZING.

The Quiet Ones
Once again, completely and totally unnerving in every way  Also, another style of writing was adopted. This has been the case the whole way through. Such an eclectic collection and so intelligently written.

The Unwrapping of Alistair Perry
How does JD'L think up these amazing pieces? Really how, this one has so far been the most intriguing and compelling of them all.

The Mango Tree
Just a really really sad story...bit circle of life-y.

Armageddon Fish Pie
A bizarrely up lifting story and I have no idea why....I think it was the power of the language used over the topic being discussed.

Completely mental and amazing and drug induced!

Rhiannon's Reach
Bloody thanks, now I'm even more scared of the sea than I was originally! Very powerful story that cultivates emotions!

Son of Porn
Massive juxtaposition to the previous story...an incredible leap! Whole different tone, world and sentiment all round. It made me have a weird dream about being a hermaphrodite.

What They Want (What Aliens Really, Really Want)
This was like mini short stories all in one short stories bringing together loads of different alien encounters and stories and fears! The observations in part 4 were amazing!

The Food of Love
God, love is a total bitch...it all ends in the same state of resentment...well done on a true observation of life! BOOM!

If you want to get to know, JD'L or Timeline Books or Big Green Books better then they are all linked to other bits and bobs...go nuts.

Happy Reading...you really need to read this collection!!!

Book Geek

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