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Sunday 3 March 2013

Review: Sister

Publisher: Piatkus
Price: £ 6.99

Boy Geek works with Editor Beswetherick's husband and weirdly I'd spoken to EBH about this book not that long before I read it. SMALLLLLLL WORLD!

The book is written VERY cleverly. It pulls you in from the word go. It's written in Bee's voice. It's written to Tess, her sister, the missing sister. As it is addressed to someone it feels as though it is addressing you and really does grab you from the very start. Well done indeed RL!!! The Mr Wright sections/witness statement were hugely intriguing, as they are post events, they provide you with cliff hangers and probing/intriguing statements! Very intelligently done.

You start to build a real bond with Bee and you begin to go on the personal discovery journey that she goes on with her (cheesy I know, sorry). This, again is a brilliant literary technique. The only thing that got me was the moment of predictability that appeared. HOWEVER, THANK GOD, the whole book was rescued by a fantastic plot/literary/writing twist and show of skill! BOOOOOOOM! I was so so so so so so pleased that RL saved the entire book with this event. I enjoyed the book so entirely thoroughly that I was over joyed when it was saved at the very end and I didn't have to put it in the 'could have been a fantastic book list'.

Oh, and Pudding is a wonderful, wonderful cat! YAY FOR PUDDING.

If you like crime/thrillers, read this book. You'll enjoy it thoroughly, it's a great read. I know this is a short review and I haven't said much but I am so so so so so scared that I'll give something away, and I really don't want to because it is a fantastically constructed piece of literature.

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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