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Sunday 24 March 2013

Review: No Way Back

Publisher: Corvus
Price: £ 12.99

When you start reading this book you will be hooked after the first few pages, all you will be able to think is WOW!!! The prologue leads you down one bloody weird path and you have no idea in hell where you will end up...hell is a possible option though. The pages are going to be turned from the word go as there is no hint as to what will happen next. The whole thing is intriguing and weird and wonderful and rather scary and unnerving.

This is deffo a fast paced page turner however, the joy that I experienced wasn't to be experienced throughout the entire novel. As things became weirder, they also became more transparent and the intrigue waned. I read a lot of books in the crime thriller genre so maybe, I just caught on, maybe I just have a brain for these types of books. 

Don't let that spoil your enjoyment though. This is an intelligent book and the author has indeed written about what he knows, software companies and business. I just feel that the crime thriller element was added as an after thought and there are too many things left up in the air and not satisfactorily concluded...for me anyway. You may feel different.

But, on the whole, an enjoyable and gripping read...defo one for the holiday I think

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