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Tuesday 23 July 2013

Review: Galley Beggar Singles

Publisher: Galley Beggar Press
Price: £ 1 each

A story sadder than all the bruised whores in Holleywood - Tony O'Neil
A VERY eloquent and beautiful story which contrasts with the grimy, gritty and addled lives of prostitutes, drug addicts and pimps. The juxtaposition of the past life of a famous musician and famous other people is almost funny. The story is a dark look at how people fall, very hard, from a very high pedestal created by delusions of grandeur. 

The blue & the dim & the dark cloths - Michael Stewart
So incredibly bizarre yet so overwhelmingly compelling to read. Obviously the man has real problems but his adoration for the one person who brought him his moment of joy is lovely. A crazy and weird story, but it is once again touching!

Best friends - Samuel Wright
Horribly, horribly depressing but once again tantalisingly gripping.The story of kids and their fickleness and their need for belonging and friendship and happiness.

The other short from this collection is the gorgeous Snorri & Frosti by the wonderful Ben Myers.

A cracking collection of gorgeous short stories that for £1 each defo shouldn't be ignored!

Happy Reading
Book Geek

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