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Thursday 18 July 2013

Review: The Killing Game

Publisher: Harper
Price: £ 7.99

It may have come to your attention that I mainly took scary arsed books on holiday. This is because after I read a Tess Gerritsen novel when I first moved in to my flat I was so scared, I couldn't sleep with my window open for about a month, despite it being the height of summer! (let that be a lesson to you all). So, I took scary books on holiday as Boy Geek would be there to protect me from them....for all the good he is worth sometimes any way!

This book is creepy, scary and creepy and creepy some more. Carson is pitted against Gregory, a totally deranged serial killer who, due to his mixed up and torturous childhood, has decided to pit himself against the police force's figure head.

Gregory is creepy, creepy beyond words. His character is possibly the most unsettling and disturbing one I have ever come across ever in reading books...and I torture myself with a lot of scary books. He is completely counter balanced by Carson who is amazing. He is a dude, a renegade, but he gets the job done and he gets it done well. Another character I have to mention is Clair. I love her and have a massive girl crush on her.

I thoroughly enjoyed how the book is written. The portions through Carson's eyes were in the first person and the portions through Gregory's were in the third person. This kept you on your toes and I once again enjoyed the variety in view and stand point on each incident...somewhat like The Silent Wife you are exposed to two sides of the same (but very different sided) coin.

Not a book for the weak willed or soft hearted. This is a gruesome, intelligent and gripping read that is written in a fantastic style. It's defo one you will read quickly. Even though you know who all the pawns in this game is and where they fit in, you will want to know how and why and this will surely keep you as gripped as I was!

Happy Reading (but not alone and in the dark)

Book Geek

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