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Thursday 25 July 2013

Review: Swords of Good Men: Valhalla Saga Book 1

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books/Quercus
Price: £ 20.00 (hardback)

I've not really read a book about vikings since I read that Eric the viking book that all the small people and tiny humans read when I was one also. This is VERY different to that, don't let your kids read it.....defo not one for tiny humans!

There are many, many characters with similar names and this is indeed a complex plot. But the complexity of it is so delicately wrought that it is indeed most impressive! Twists and turns and links appear that you don't expect or see coming and I always love it when that happens!!!!

This is the story of Viking clans who all have different Gods, different plans and different ideas of what is to happen in the future. There is the King who believes in the White Christ and Christianity. There are the raiders who want to keep Loki and Freya and then there are the defenders and towns people who well, don't totally appear to know what they want. There is a lot of politics, gore, religious debate, love, and much more. It proves for a complex and page turner of a plot. I think I also kept turning the pages as it has been such a long time since I read a Viking novel and I was excited to see what happened. Thankfully I wasn't disappointed.

When it comes to the characters they are many and varied. I of course had my favourites, namely Ulfar and Audun, they are incredible, dynamic and darn sexy. Also, have a bit of a soft spot for Thora, she RULES!!!

There is one warning I will give you, the levels of violence described are not for the feint hearted. It's brutal and bloody and gritty! It rules!!

If you like action, Vikings, a bit of blood, a slight spot of magic and complex plots then get a hold of this. With how the book ended, there is clearly a 2nd on the way and it is going to be based on some wonderful characters (I hope). Huzzah!

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  1. Wow. Can't wait for this! Got to get me some Viking action!

  2. It's a corker and you won't be waiting long!! Out in August I believe!