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Monday 22 July 2013

Review: The Written (Emaneska Series)

Price: £ 1.52 (ebook)
Publisher: Bengalley.com

I have just this second finished this book and I want to start reading the next one!!! (finished this book on Thursday last week...dely in publishing review due to holiday catch up) WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! This is one epic fantasy novel that will not let you down if you are a fantasy fan!!

There are vamps, there are dragons, there is magic there are lycans, there are so many of my favourite fantasy things! WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

I love a good quest and this book has a bloody great one. The badass mage hero Farden is off to save his world (and not for the first time) in the only way he knows how, alone and with some kick ass magick and fighting. The plot has action, love, betrayal and politics and will grab you from the start and not let you go until the end.

As well as Farden being a total dude, Farfallen is a legend. He is a wonderful character and one I love incredibly. Not only that but Durnus...how can a book not ever have him in it??!?!

If you love fantasy, action, intrigue, magic and all that goes with it then you need to read this book. There are characters you will love, ones you will hate and there will be a new revelation on each page. I am so, so, so excited to continue with this series! A wonderful surprise from a very young author...he is a talented man and I am most envious of his skills!

Happy Reading
Book Geek

P.S. I may adopt 'well met' as my new greeting. That is all!

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