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Monday 20 October 2014

Review: 3 Short Stories from Quercus

First Watch
This is a very short story about Madison. I really liked the fact that its alllll in retrospect of the event. It is a recall of a night when another officer's behaviour and actions are in question. I like that kind of thing. I also liked that police corruption was looked at briefly in this. It's a case of people being out to get someone so pushing the boundaries to do it!

Blood On The Water
This is the narrative of Poor Mr D. and also the narrative of a murderer! The story made Venice sound horrible. I've only been there for one day and that was for work during November a few years ago and it was pretty empty and creepy, as I imagine it in the story. Also, it makes it sound like a really dangerous place for tourists to go!

This is the prequel to a book apparently that is coming out. Apparently the book is about murders in Venice in the days of Titan.

Unearthing The Bones
Right then, I started reading this as it was advertised as a short story. I was gutted to discover that it is not one, it is actually the start of a novel! THE BASTARDS!!!

Anyway, its the common thug versus the common illegal dealer in fine things. Mamma G seems terrifying and I bet she continues to be so and the cockney guy is horribly grotesque.

I'm not 100% sure I'm actually going to bother with the rest of this story as it's alllll a tad Dan Brown seeming.

Anyway, there you have them in a nutshell.

Happy Reading


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