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Monday 27 October 2014

Review: Deja Vu

Publisher: Unsung Stories

It's always nice to be approached by a publisher, especially an Indie one and asked to review a book! THANK YOU!!!

We have David in the UK whose past is catching up with him and we have Saskia in Berlin who is where she is because of a past she can't remember. A lot is about to kick off.

There is one thing I'd like to say first...before I comment on the content. The actual physical paper the book was printed on was lovely to touch, excellent stock there!

From the off, the book really didn't take the paths I expected at any one point. I was intrigued from the word go. I will say however, that you really really do have to concentrate on this book. Don't read it unless your mind can be 100% engaged as the plot can be a tad confusing in places.

I completely fell in love with David and Saskia. Two fantastic characters with many many deep and complex layers!! They were excellent. Their interactions were also top notch, despite where, when and why!

This is a scifi book but it, tbh, isn't totally off the wall, it is really within the realms of possibility, well to me and my mind anyway. That was really cool, we weren't in your usual place of aliens or other life forms or completely mental tech. It was almost 100% normal and that is what I really enjoyed. The questions of time travel and what will be one day possible, or not, were VERY present.

My final note is that I don't think the blurb for the book and the strap line do it any justice at all. I don't really think they are at all right for the plot. They make it seem flighty and trivial rather than intense and compelling!

Anyway, one for the scifi people and one for those who want something a little different from what I hope is going to turn in to an AWESOME indie publisher.

Happy Reading


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