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Wednesday 15 October 2014

Review: Weirdos v Quimboids

Publisher: Catnip Publishing
Price: £ 6.99

This is the diary of Blossom, a self titled Weirdo, as she battles life in school and at home and well, in general. 

Initially I thought that any book endorsed by Greg James and Chris Smith of Radio 1 fame (yes I am fans of theirs, and yes you can judge me if you want...I'm used to it), I thought that it must be worth a read...contrary to what boy geek said. Sadly, I think boy geek was proved correct on this occasion.

About 50 pages in and I knew for sure that I was far too old for the book. I found it too try hard and I did wonder if ND wrote it to cash in on her celeb status, and got Greg James, fellow BBC DJ to endorse it as he couldn't not really if he didn't want to be snubbed in the BBC R1 offices.

Anyway, the book was home to the odd interesting and intelligent quip and comment on occasion and I did indeed like the moon illustrations with Chased moon being a particular favourite. However, they were the only parts of this book I enjoyed.

The whole thing is a big moralistic, but maybe, if I was younger this would be just want I needed as it does tell people that they just have to be themselves and not be anyone else in order to be cool and happy.

I think I'm wrong age group for this book, I actually think I have grown up too much for it...well at 28 you would hope that I've done some growing up.

Anyway, Happy Reading to you youngsters.



P.S. The publisher's logo is AMAZING!!!!

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