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Monday 13 October 2014

Review: Manic Mondays

Publisher: Candy Jar Books

We are seeing Caz's life as she branches out on her own, through a series of days....mainly Mondays but annoyingly not always. The idea, for me was a tad tooooo similar to One Day so I had high expectations from the start.

It's a very light and easy read despite all the personal turmoil of the characters involved, be it the next door neighbour who is far too young to be a mum to Mike the hottie cyclist. And of course Caz is having a rough time for a nice middle class woman. With her it's a case of Middle Class Woe and the type of thing you'd find on overheard in Waitrose. 

This is in the Bridget Jones school of books tbh and it fits well in to the holiday read category, but it was a bit too far on to the chick lit side for me to enjoy it fully. There wasn't the wit and scathing comments etc of Bridget Jones for me to embrace it fully.

Anyway, if you like this type of book, go for it, I'm sure you will enjoy.

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