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Wednesday 8 October 2014

Review: The Killing of Olga Klimt

Price: £ 8.99
Publisher: The Mystery/History Press

Olga is Charlie's love but the situation has all got a bit out of hand. This leads to many people ending up in a big ring of deceit and part of a classic whodunnit?

When I looked at this book I imagined it would be in the era of Sherlock Holmes so I was really surprised (in a good way) when I started reading and discovered it was set in the modern day!

When it came to the writing style, I was a super big fan. It's really quirky and unique. There is also a great self awareness not only to the writing but the story as a whole. There is a very droll kind of parody to the whole thing which I loved. It made me chuckle inside and out on many occasions. The whole thing is very fab and funny but terribly, terribly dark.

The characters were spiffing. From Olga to Charlie to the Man Servant who is so twiddly moustache I just couldn't get enough! The way the characters were all linked in crazy ways was great too. 

The whole book was like a whodunnit of the days of yore, but with a comedy edge and a self consciousness that I adored. Not a book I probably would have read off my own back but certainly one I am delighted to have read and one I will recommend to crime reader fans and those who fancy a change in reading!

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