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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Mummy Geek's Faves

A few of Mummy Geek`s favourites -

The Mill on the Floss - The first book which made me cry as a young teenager.

Love Story - Indulging in tragic romance in my early twenties (Geeklet might have been called Jennifer if two friends hadn`t used the name for their babies first!)

The Great Gatsby - Studied on my English course, identified with characters, so wanted to be cool like Jordan (another name I considered calling the Geeklet before it became "popular" - imagine!!!!). 

Any Sherlock Holmes - Fantastically constructed.

The Colour Purple - Read it in a day, gets into your soul.

The Bluest Eye - The same.

Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass- The first `proper` novels I read, scared the life out of me, obviously too young for them!

Uncle Tom`s Cabin - The first novel my mother read, with no understanding of its political purpose of course.

A Tale of Two Cities - Still at school with a very idealistic view of heroism.

The Catcher in the Rye - Brilliant portrait painting in words, unexpectedly amusing.

Watership Down - If you don`t cry you`re a hard person!

Post Mortem - The first of a long series, still think it`s the best (read when alone ill in a Spanish apartment one sunny afternoon - locked all the doors and windows and slept with the light on even though the family had returned by then!)

Dr. Xargle`s book of Earthlets - Ddult humour in a children`s book, very welcome to a parent when repeated recitation of stories about fairies and talking animals have made her brain cry out in pain.

The Wild Swans - Riveting, don`t usually go for factual but liked the insight on events.

Angela`s Ashes - Written with no judgement of, nor bitterness about, the past, couldn`t put it down (ignored the family whilst reading it at dinner in a restaurant in Greece - manners!!)

More to come....?
Favourite poems perhaps....?

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