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Sunday 7 October 2012

Review: Bello, The Best of British Crime

Publisher: Bello
Price: I can't remember sorry!

Good evening allllll! Boooo, work tomorrow! This is a collection of rediscovered British crime stories and I will review them as I do short story collections and I will be doing the points thing sorry as I read this also when I was away and have to refer to me notes! Sorry the last few have been a bit of a cop out like that!! I promise the next ones will be back to normal!

Murder in Moscow - Andrew Garve
- The language felt old and so did the tone in the whole story.
- The small character studies were fantastically amusing indeed!
- I learnt a lot about Russian history and shizz like that which was pretty cool.
- In my head, I imagined the scenes in the style of a black and white film. I could not see it in colour at all as it was very of a period in its entirety! 
- The whole thing was a tad misogynistic! 
- I did enjoy the story more as it went on but I was not gripped and completely compelled to pick it up and read it.
- I did find it a bit racist and xenophobic from time to time but this was expected due to the year of writing.

David Williams - Prescription for Murder
- This story piqued my interest from the very beginning and kept it the whole way through!!
- The story felt far more modern than the first despite the fact that it was written in 80s. I can see it being easily translated to today.
- I also preferred the author's writing style compared to the first one!
- The references to 'The Woman Medical Director' did drive me a bit loopy! Get over it!!! Dudes, women can be shizz too! I know it was maybe new for the time in which it was written but I can't help but be annoyed at times.
- I am interested to find out more about the political context of the book. I will say no more than that as I don't want to give anything away.
- Blooooody loved Doris! She RULES!!
- The witty and funny light moments were great!
- Great grasp of how a Swiss-German person would speak English. The sentence structure was perfect.
- This was thoroughly enjoyable!

Francis Durbridge - A Game of Murder
- Once again you could tell that this story was written by a dude due to how women were written about.
- I think a few bits of the story were missing from this proof copy as it was very disjointed in places and didn't make total chronological sense.
- This was enjoyable enough but didn't read all that smoothly. The story didn't read like it was planned prior to writing commencing.
- Defo better than the first story.

I do like crime novels however, not all three of these stories were for me. But, worth a quick read none the less.

Happy Reading!
Book Geek :-)

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