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Friday 5 October 2012

Review: A Discovery of Witches

Price: £ 8.99
Publisher: Headline

Hello alll!!! I AM BACK!!!

I read this on my trip and made a few notes so I'm going to be doing this one in my bullet point paragraph style as I read it 2 weeks ago now!

- Didn't totally know what to expect as the blurb doesn't give much away. All I knew about it was what my bezzie said! The blurb does say that it is a book for twilight lovers, that did turn me off a bit!! BALLS!
- There was a creepyness in the novel from the start and I love a bit of creepyness! It was also a total page turner!
- I think Matthew looks like Trampolining Boy from Uni, that was a bit distressing! However by page 403 I had changed my mind and thought more Justin from Brothers and Sisters.
- Bloody loved Hamish from the offing!
- I didn't even contemplate the TV or films on the flight to US as I was totally engrossed in the book. I read it for 10 hours!!! I even didn't watch Brave and I really want to see that!
- Enjoyed the breaks from first person narrative (Diana) to 3rd person (Matthew). It provided a break form the intensity.
- Harkness must know LOADS about everything!!!!! So may topics and disciplines discussed!
- All vampire novels seem to have slightly different portrayals of vamp traits and stereotypes and this one was no different! The simple, underlying fundamentals were there though so do be rest assured!!! They are also still bloody sexy!
- I did wonder on occasion what the book would be like without the romance aspect...I thought in the beginning it could work, but towards the end there was no way in hell! I VERY integral part of the plot.
- I found the time frame rather short for the intensity of events and escalations of emotions......I think it needs to be explained a bit more??
- The unexpected defo happens and it is great!

In conclusion! I am MOST excited to read the next one (which was kindly given to me by @thetattooedbook) and this is a good read for those who love the vampire genre. Totally different to TrueBlood series but no idea if it is like Twilight as I haven't read it. Gripping page turner from the start with violence and gore and everything in between!


Happy Reading

Book Geek

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