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Friday 5 October 2012

Review: The Evolution of Inanimate Objects

Price: £ 12.99 (hardback)
Publisher: The Friday Project

I am afraid that this is in point form also....but you will know I thoroughly enjoyed this read by the end!

- Just from reading the prologue, the question posed in the blurb 'could any of it actually be real?' was indeed in the forefront of my mind. 
- My knowledge of history and science is totally shit so I am sorry for the dumb ass comments in this review!
- I thought the images of crying kids were pretty funny...I know, I'm a bitch!
- The beginning biography was pretty routine and mundane BUT I found it hugely compelling and bizarrely gripping to read!
- Emma and Charles' parenting skills seem to be far more hands on than it was in those days and compared to other 1800s things I have read. It was nicely reassuring that not all parents were cold! I never would have placed Charles Darwin as such a caring parent. His place in history as the Father of Science as we know it doesn't seem to go with the Darwin portrayed in this book. It is lovely, warming and enlightening.
- The writing tone was that of a novel which I am sure helped contribute to my enjoyment. Not the detached factual tone it could have adopted.
- I want to be in the gourmet club!!!
- The Bucke/Whitman section was fantastically entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable. It was written dryly and intelligently which I adored.
- I do have to admit that the evolution of objects such as cutlery does make perfect sense to me! I would never observe objects such as that in the light of an evolutionary process...but now I do!
- The barcode design RULES!!!
- The hybrid section was a great example of the slippery slide to madness. Or was it merely eccentricity!? 
- Reading the letters in the back felt a bit like trespassing and I felt rather voyeuristic....not in a very kinky way though!
- The 'I are an extraordinary gooseberry finder' section reminded me of brother geek! He once ran round the house shouting 'I are a winky, I are a winky' and Mummy Geek said to him, 'it is not I are a winky, it is I am a winky.' Will never forget that, EVER!
- The stigma surrounding those with mental health problems and the care they received in days of yore were discussed and I found them both interesting and upsetting in equal measures. I love things like that.

I found the entire book thoroughly compelling to read and totally entertaining. I have never read anything like it in my whole entire life and I don't think I will come across something like this again any time soon! It provides you with fantastic food for thought when it comes to evolution, mental health and whether this is fact or fiction! If you don't think you will like it, still give it a go as it is worth it, I promise!!!

Happy Reading!

Book Geek

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