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Monday 29 October 2012

Review: Above his station

This is my second plunge in to the ebook world....yes I am still reading books VERY slowly on the Kindle app on my iPhone. Anyway, this was recommend on Twitter by the ever entertaining @meandmybigmouth. And my my my am I glad I listened!

I loved this book just from the description of a person who works in sales! I don't want to spoil the joy you will experience by reading that line by quoting it here! The book is also funny, and laugh out loud funny from the offing.

The main character (we never learn his name) is wonderfully constructed form the word go and you get a clear image of him in your mind. The section where he talks about his late wife is beautifully written and was truly touching. The book is written in the first person, but rather than feeling like a boring narrative, it was really conversational in tone. I felt as if the main dude were recanting this tale just for me! Nick/the rat was a great addition to the story as he brought in a big dose of sarcasm and contemporary satire. The two together are a brilliant pairing!

I had no idea what at all was happening and was likely to happen for a large portion of the book and I loved that! The whole thing is completely bloody mental and off the wall and I don't know if it will be for everyone but, it was defo for me!! There was a certain children's story feel to some of it and that was great. However, do not read it to children as there is sex and violence! However, I don't really know what kid's TV is like these days so, that could be fine.

A contemporary parody is what I think I would like to call this book. I am hoping that labelling it that doesn't make me sound like a pretentious nob and I hope you will see this categorising as correct when you read it...FOR YOU MUST READ IT!!. 

Anyway, in conclusion, a fantastic book, even the end post story bit was great with character studies and the joyous news that Rat and main dude will be back later this year. I for one will be keeping an eye out and defo reading it when it hits our screens??!?!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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