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Wednesday 31 October 2012

Review: Malice

Publisher: Tor
Price: £ 16.99

I will admit straight off that in the beginning I wasn't totally convinced by this book. I thought the names were all too similar and the story lines too thin as there were so many different POVs that jumped about too much. I was struggling to pick the book up. HOWEVER all of that changed!!!

This novel is action packed, it is politically interesting (made up politics I admit) and shocking in the twists and turns that it takes. You have no idea which side you are actually meant to be on or if the side you have allied yourself with is in fact the correct one.

I will say that the book does feel like it has many influences and maybe borrowed an idea or 3 from other fantasy authors. Those who are fantasy fans like me, will be able to spot who the influences are and which ideas have indeed been borrowed.

Brina was indeed my favourite character. She is so fantastically sarcastic and a bit of a loon.....somewhat like me. Veradis was also rather popular in my eyes along with Marrock (that could be that I both imagine them as rather attractive young men though).

I thoroughly enjoyed the Welsh name influences when it came to places and characters...this could be because all the best things are Welsh! (Not that I am biased or anything).

All in all, I know this is a short review but I really don't want to give anything away as I know that this book will indeed be enjoyed by all when it is released in December. It is a page turner, the action is great and the twists and turns are something to be enjoyed! I cannot wait for part 2! WHEN IS IT OUT???

Happy Reading and Happy Halloween

Book Geek

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