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Friday 14 June 2013

Review: The Dinner

Price: £ 7.99
Publisher: Atlantic Books

This is the story of two brothers, their wives, their children and a discussion over a dinner. It's a book of two halves, two very different halves that none the less work together PERFECTLY!

I wasn't really all that taken with the first half of the book. The Lohman brothers pissed me off, their turbulent relationship annoyed me. The mundane diner and rememberings + Paul's internal monologues were actually a bit tedious. BUT! BUT, then it all changes!

The description of the incident that the parents are discussing changes the novel completely. It becomes so incredibly compelling and gripping it is actually a shock! Paul becomes a completely different person, a dark and scary and dangerous person. Claire becomes the world's most supportive, protective and caring mother ever. Serge turns in to an even bigger tool (and I really didn't think that was possible) and Babette stays as the tricky one to get.The novel is wonderfully constructed and the characters are gloriously developed. Some ambiguity is still present at the end but nothing to irritate or leave you hanging. 

This book is compelling and different, exciting and distressing all at the same time! A book I feel parents in particular will enjoy. It is however, defo a book that will be enjoyed by all. It questions love, family and morals and keeps you wanting more.

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