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Wednesday 12 June 2013

Review: My Not So Shameful Sex Secrets

Price: £ 3.60
Publisher: Carina

Hmmmm I'm on the fence with this book. Hmmmm! I think I had placed it on too much of a pedestal and had my own ideas as to what it would be about. 

I'll run with the positives. It was great to see someone being so candid about EVERYTHING to do with their life...well their sex life. GOTN holds absolutely nothing back and she lays herself completely bare for all to see which is really refreshing and brave. This is one thing I do highly have to commend GOTN on. I also really enjoyed some of the 'morals' (in search of a better word) that were voiced at the end of the chapters. Especially the chapters about GOTN's first forays in to the world of boys and sex. These parts seemed a bit like a guide for girls on boys and provided reassurance that yes, everyone has kinks and people won't always find you weird! The gender debates were also to my liking to an extent as people do need to say more often that yes, girls want the same things boys do and there is no longer an need for anyone to be ashamed about that.

The things that made me a bit sad about this book and hindered my enjoyment were two fold. Sometimes I felt a bit like I was being yelled at and told off. I was being chastised for something I didn't think or say! And the second one was sometimes, the language used was a bit gratuitous and could have not been toned down, but at least altered so that the in your face sentences and phrases were not on repeat.

So, yeah, I still don't know what to make of it in total. But as I said a very heartfelt and open piece of writing that will have your jaw dropping and cringe levels bubbling, and will just make you want to go urrrggghhhhaaarrrrggghhh for several reasons.

Happy Reading

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