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Monday 10 June 2013

Review: Undertaking Love

Price: 99p (ebook)
Publisher: Authonomy

You probs all know that Chick Lit isn't really my thing. HOWEVER, when I saw Harper Collins offering this for review I thought it sounded like it could be a laugh and maybe get me to change my mind and broaden my horizons towards the CL genre. This is the story of wedding chapel owner Marla and the devilishly handsome undertaker Gabe. It's a story of their relationships and the relationships of the people around them.

In the beginning this book didn't really grab me but I think that was because I was being a bit too judgmental and was basking in my preconceived ideas. However, despite all that, I got in to the book and began to enjoy it. The characters and plot seem to fit the perfect CL formula and that was cracking. It was light for the most part and there was indeed a cracking amount of comedy. It was worth reading for the man sized box of tissues comment alone! I completely warmed to this book by the end and was really invested in the characters. Jonny was glorious as was Dora. In particular Dora.

Well done KF on writing a CL novel that I enjoyed and found thoroughly entertaining! You may have changed my prejudices!!

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