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Friday 21 June 2013

Review: Rogue; The Clone Rebellion 2

Publisher: Titan Books
Price: £ 7.99

Harris is back but, to an extent not as we know him in part 2 of Clone Rebellion. I read part 1 back in April and it was a stonker I was not expecting!

Part 2 took me a little while to get in to which was surprising as I was glued to part 1 even though I was in Beijing for the first time!!! That should be a clear indication of how much I enjoyed it. However, when the ball got rolling in Rogue I was thrust into the crazy and political world of space and cloning once again. This is book is all out action, all out war and all out politics. It is a mile a minute, which may not be for all, but if scifi is your bag you will have to get on this series straight away.

Harris is developed so convincingly and surprisingly in this book. It is great to see him become more of a 3D person rather than just a 2D clone and kill bot. He has a heart, a soul and emotions. Something we don't altogether see in the first book, or at least not convincingly or to this extent. I was also over joyed by the return of Ray Freeman as I have a massive crush on him....this may be aided by the fact that in my head he looks like Idris Elba. Oh, also, when I read about Robert Thurston I can't help but picture Ed Sheeran...hmmmm.


The ending is worth reading the book for if nothing else. I was shocked to my very core!!!! I didn't see it coming and I really cannot wait to receive the next book from those lovely people at Titan Books! I am so intrigued to see where we go next on this mad journey through space!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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