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Tuesday 4 June 2013

Review: The Fire Witness

Publisher: Blue Door

Just wow, bloody wow! I read The Hypnotist a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it but TFW is a whole other level, this is one incredibly talented literary couple! The story is of Joona Linna as he attempts to solve two murders as well as battle his own past daemons! I am even more in love with Joona than I was before, he is a wonderful character and the development of him as a person and his back ground story was exquisite in this book!

The entire novel is a real page turner and you don't want to put it down. There are shocking plot twists and events that you never thought would happen. Also, when the main plot finishes, the book doesn't end there and you are propelled towards what can only be the set up for the next book which I really cannot wait to read.

The translation was spot on also, a few weird turns of phrases but otherwise excellent in its execution! WHOOP!!!

An entirely creepy, upsetting, thrilling and shocking read that kept me turning pages for hours and gripped from start to finish! I am defo going to hunt down the middle book which I have some how neglected to read and I really cannot wait for the next one. TFW is an excellent read but not for the faint hearted by any means!

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