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Wednesday 5 June 2013

Review: That Bear Ate My Pants

Price: ebook £ 1.99
Publisher: Various Things

I have finished it! I bet TJS never thought this day would come! But the Kindle helped!

This is a charmingly personal story of one man and his adventures in Ecuador at an animal sanctuary. It's funny and endearing and down right weird at times but it's sooooo lovely. It reads like a diary or letters to home and that fills it with such warmth that it's loveable.

The adventures that TJS had and the people and animals he met all sound amazing in their own unique ways. To an extent, this is a bit of a coming of age novel but I bet it has something to suit everyone and will be enjoyed by all. I suppose it's travel writing and the only travel writing I'd ever read before was Bill Bryson....but this book makes BB's look like boring dull drivel!

A gorgeous, funny, weird and wonderful heart warming read that will have you sniggering, awwwing and cringing allllll over the place. Worth a read for all those reasons and many more!

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