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Friday 6 June 2014

Book A Day: 1 - 6

So, with this #BookADay thing that's happening on twitter, I thought I'd do a weekly round up so I can say a bit more about the books I've selected for it! 140 characters is rather limiting.

1. Favourite book from childhood
Whenever I am asked about what book I liked as a child the first one that comes to mind is Avocado Baby. TBH, I don't 100% know why, but it always pops there. It's basically about a baby who when he starts eating Avocados becomes some kind of super strong Popeye style baby. I also used to love Pippo.

2. Best bargain
I think, it has to be the World Book Night books. I mean they are free, they help promote reading and they always have crackers to dole out. What isn't to love about a free book and how possibly can a free book not be the best bargain ever??

3. One with a blue cover
When this cropped up, I immediately thought Barracuda as it's the most recent book I've read with a blue cover. The cover is in fact rather cool and very blue indeed...it's about swimming so why wouldn't it be blue. I've linked my review above if you want to find out more about the book.

4. Least favourite book by favourite author
I bloody love Robin Hobb! I've had a massive  girl crush on her since I was first introduced to her books at the young age of 16 by a bloke I used to sit next to in my Music Technology AS Level class. I find her books to be outstanding. The story keeps you gripped, the world she creates is magnificent and the characters blow your mind. I think my deep, deep love of Fitz Chivalry also has something to do with my massive love for RH.

Anyway, I was thrilled when the above came out as it was, a few years ago now, the latest RH book. Whilst, I did enjoy it, it didn't thrill and absorb me like the previous three trilogies and her Megan Lindemholm books. In fact, I was that non-plussed, I haven't sought out any more of her books...I was a bit let down...bums.

5. Doesn't belong to me
I read The Reader and then lent my copy of it to Fickle Mate. She was moving house, probs about 3 years ago, maybe more, and was on a book returning mission. I lend her/people many books so I had a massive pile back. The Reader was one of them, however, it weirdly wasn't the copy I had lent her. My copy didn't have a promo sticker for the film on the front like this one did. I have no idea where this copy came from, but I have it now...I can't help but think that another person let her borrow it as well and they have mine.

6. The one I always give as a gift
To be 100% honest, I very rarely give people books as gifts. Not alllllll that many of my friends read, and they always end up 'borrowing' loads of my books if they do indeed read and are round my house. If I do give a book it's always a different one depending on the person and more often than not a cook book of some kind as quite a few of my friends love a good bit of cooking and baking.

That's this week's instalment!


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